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KVB Kunlun 。 122 個讚。 大洋洲地区最大的华资非银行金融机构 www. Product and Services.

Kvb kunlun外匯匯率. Save as disclosed above, there is no information required to be disclosed.
Of KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited ( stock code: 6877), a company listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ( the “ Stock Exchange” ), with effect from. 1/ 11/ : 00: 00 ( GMT) KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited Professional, Diversified and Forward- looking Financial Products and Services Stock Code: 6877.
KVB Kunlun Financial Group provides foreign exchange transactions, liquidity solutions, international settlement and corporate hedge, wealth management, securities investment, financial IT solutions and other financial products and services for global customers and enterprises. Leveraged foreign exchange, CFDs and other derivatives trading are offered by KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited and you agree to be bound by the KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited Client Services Agreement and by the Laws of New Zealand.

外匯匯率變化影響. KVB Kunlun Global Capital Ltd is a financial services company specializes in providing diversified financial products to overseas Asian community.

昆侖國際金融集團有限公司, 簡稱昆侖國際金融集團, 以及昆侖國際金融( 英语: KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited , 港交所: 6877) 其主要股東是昆侖控股有限公司, 於年由主席李志達, 於新西蘭創. KVB Kunlun Financial Group of Companies ( including KVB Kunlun Pty Limited, KVB Asset Management Limited, KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited, KVB Kunlun International ( HK) Limited, KVB Kunlun Securities ( HK) Limited, KVB Kunlun Asset Management ( HK) Limited, KVB Kunlun Canada Inc, KVB Global Markets Limited, KVB Global Markets Pty Limited).
Our products include foreign exchange, global settlement, commercial lending, fund investment, wealth management, liquidity solution, as well as fin- tech system integration.